USRA Working Approach

USRA believes that unless the different parts of the local community are involved and participated the goals are not easy to reach, Initially USRA approaches all the stakeholders representatives of the local community and the local authority of the targeted area as well as the target beneficiaries.


USRA involves the target beneficiaries in the implementation of the project and respects fully the donors conditions for the project implementation.

USRA Accomplishments

·         USRA as a partner worked with READ/IQRA in Awdal region in rural education program, where READ/IQRA established 28 schools with2756 students and 56 teachers, USRA in collaboration with READ/IQRA did the training of the teachers and the monitoring and evaluation of the projects.

·         USRA with the help of funds from the Somali Diaspora did an income generating project for single led families in the settlement of IDPs in Mogadishu by; buying cotton material to make the most used Somali women dress (baati) and teaching the women to sew and sell it.

·         USRA also with their own contribution  did sanitation of the hand-dug wells in mogadishu where most of the water supply from Mogadishu residents use in order to prevent AWD/cholera outbreak .

·         USRA helped IDPs children with education by supplying; books, pens, educational materials,etc.

·         USRA did a MPP (malaria prevention project) in Baidoa one year (2011)

·         USRA did distribution of food aid funded by manamazakat  during the famine in 2011 for vulnerable families.

Food & Nets Distribution

We ensure that food, nets and other basic neccessities reach the people who need them the most.

Shelter & Education

We strive to ensure both men, women and children have access to decent shelter and education as rights.


USRA is committed to ensure quality healthcare for the Somali people, taking it to where it is really needed.