USRA Planned Activities

  • Provide shelter for IDPs and refugee/returnees.
  • Establishing centre of hope for youth, capacity building for youth.
  • Establishment of Health Post in the rural areas where there are no health facilities nearby.
  • Water sanitation as unsafe water drinking is the most reason for many deaths every year.
  • Prevention of environmental contamination.
  • Literacy program for young and adults.
  • Peace promotion and conflict resolution.
  • Income generating project for single mother led families.

United Somalia Relief Agency

In June 2003 USRA was founded in response to the calamities faced by the Somali people following the collapse of the Somalia government in the 1990 civil war that caused poverty, displacement, hunger, lack of health facilities, water, food, shelter, education, among many others. 

United Somalia Relief Agency (USRA)'s focus is to make a difference in the lives of the largely affected Somalia population, mainly women and children. 

Our need oriented intervention ensures help is where it is needed most.....

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Food & Nets Distribution

We ensure that food, nets and other basic neccessities reach the people who need them the most.

Shelter & Education

We strive to ensure both men, women and children have access to decent shelter and education as rights.


USRA is committed to ensure quality healthcare for the Somali people, taking it to where it is really needed.