USRA Working Approach

USRA believes that unless the different parts of the local community are involved and participated the goals are not easy to reach, Initially USRA approaches all the stakeholders representatives of the local community and the local authority of the targeted area as well as the target beneficiaries.

USRA involves the target beneficiaries in the implementation of the project and respects fully the donors conditions for the project implementation.

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95% off all the donations goes down to the needy where it is needed the most

The most noble purpose is to live life knowing you affected someone's life positively

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Food & Nets Distribution

We ensure that food, nets and other basic neccessities reach the people who need them the most.

Shelter & Education

We strive to ensure both men, women and children have access to decent shelter and education as rights.


USRA is committed to ensure quality healthcare for the Somali people, taking it to where it is really needed.