USRA Objectives

Our long term goals are improving the life of the most vulnerable people in;

  • Improving formal and non formal education in children and adults.
  • Promoting women and girl education.
  • Delivering health services where needed most. 
  • Promoting gender equity and awareness programmes.
  • Unsafe drinking water claims many lives every year in Somalia with consequences like outbreaks of AWD and cholera, improving water and sanitation is crucial and life saving.
  • Protection for the most vulnerable people and youth programs.
  • Income generating projects for single mother lead families.
  • Promote peace and justice.

About Us


USRA Intends to alleviating poverty and suffering wherever in the horn of Africa, regardless of the ethnicity, nationality or gender of our beneficiaries. USRA stands for human rights and It is our commitment to intervene and help the most vulnerable among others.

Mission statement

USRA is committed and dedicated to help the marginalised and vulnerable people and build their capacity in overcoming the adversities they face. We intend to make a sustainable difference in humanitarian aid and rehabilitation.

Values and principles

Our values and principles are: pluralism, transparent and accountability, peace and justice, ethical conduct, good governance, teamwork, equity and equality.We support the underprivileged community to access a better living condition.

Long term goals

Reduce and alleviate the need of humanitarian aid in every sector in order to make a long lasting improved living condition for the needy and marginalized people


USRA developed an effective and accurate style of governance through capacity building programs and  follows the rules and regulations of NGO management manuals and guideline

Food & Nets Distribution

We ensure that food, nets and other basic neccessities reach the people who need them the most.

Shelter & Education

We strive to ensure both men, women and children have access to decent shelter and education as rights.


USRA is committed to ensure quality healthcare for the Somali people, taking it to where it is really needed.